Arete Designs

This site had presented several interesting but dated Flash animations. It just wasn't worth keeping them up any longer, especially after Apple and Adobe pounded Flash to dust. Since several years I have moved on to 3D modeling and technical simulations using the Unity game engine, which is AWESOME.

Two historical projects are still hosted here. Henry Shultz and his Dead Town of Hamburg talks about an eccentric antebellum entrepreneur at Augusta, Georgia. This site along with re-enactments I regularly gave energized a wave of interest in Hamburg, culminating in several books and an exhibition at the Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta. Recently I have been very slowly moving this site to but it's a long way from being presentable.

Another site, not even my work, A Southern Primer was created by Mr. Bill Messer from an earlier series of newspaper articles by W. J. Cash. The page was about to fall victim to web rot, and Bill gave permission to continue it here as a public service. I hope you can spend some time and learn more about the Southern mind and spirit, seeing as (for better or worse) Southerners seem to be running the country these days. Obviously I shed responsibility for the content, its presentation, broken links, deprecated font tags, and anything like that.

Peter Hughes